Loring Alley Live

IN THE PARK June 3rd 2:30pm–8pm Loring Park MPLS

Join us for free in Loring Park to celebrate the sounds of musical expression.

Featuring Local Artists

Zoë Says Go

Americana rock
Zoë Says Go delivers a fresh blend of Americana and rock, weaving socially conscious themes into tales of love, struggle, and wonder.
3:00 PM

Vittorio and the Bridges

Globally infused Mediterranean pop rock
With sounds and lyrics that bridge generations, cultures, and geographies, Vittorio and The Bridges songs touch on both universal themes and personal experience.
4:00 PM

The Orange Goodness

Artful groove-infused alt/indie rock
The Orange Goodness are sponges for global rhythms and organic, analog sounds that move and inspire. Fans of artists like Beck, Cake, and Gorillaz will love this band.
5:00 PM

Creeping Charlie

Indie rock
Weaving sonic experimentation with irresistible hooks, Creeping Charlie draws from a palette of influences, blending Patti Smith early punk ethos through guitar-driven, 90's Seattle pastiche.
6:00 PM


Indie glam pop
D’Lakes highly technical pop tunes amplify universally shared emotions through hummable melodies, unpredictable genre twists, and unconfined lyrics.
7:00 PM

Festival MC - Carnage the Executioner

Improvisational Jazz Human Beat Boxer, Rhythmic Storyteller & dynamic Live Performer

Donations Welcome

To grow the future of the Loring Alley Live festival, all proceeds raised will be evenly distributed between musical artists and operating expenses associated with the event.

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